Presentation: The Adventures of Starting Up a Startup Venture

It is my pleasure to announce that I'd be speaking at a presentation on the evening of Thursday, November 24th, 2016 on the topic "The Adventures of Starting Up a Startup Venture".

I'm an entrepreneur and I'm building Starlent , a talent management and advertising startup venture, to challenge the status quo of the talent-sourcing sector of the entertainment industry.

About Starlent

Starlent is a three- market player business model:

Girls -> Stars

Starlent is a platform for Girls to become famous. Starlent provides opportunities for Girls to build Fans by doing modeling and talent activities.

Friends / Fans

Starlent is a platform for friends and Fans to nominate, support, nurture and promote Girls to become Stars. Future celebrities will no longer be discovered by talent agents, instead, they will be discovered by her friends and Fans.

Businesses / Sponsors

Starlent is a platform for huge marketing opportunities for Sponsors. As Stars build loyal followership of Fans, this converts Stars into marketing channels for Sponsors. Businesses can leverage on the pool of Fans who are highly influenced by Stars for advertising and product promotions for significant effectiveness, or tapping into new market demographically or into new geographical regions.

The Presentation: The Adventures of Starting Up a Startup Venture

In my short presentation on Thursday evening, I'd be explaining how the idea is conceptualized to:

    * solve problems and provide solutions for three market players
    * have great market potential and massively scalable
    * strong barriers of entry
    * huge monetization potential

I'd like to use my story to encourage YOU to develop your idea to found the next great company such as Google, Facebook, Uber or Airbnb! Please join me in my short presentation this Thursday evening starting at 7 PM at this location:

Kashikaigishitsu Plaza
Yamato Bldg. 5F Room 1
1-7-4 Yaesu,
Chuo, Tokyo 103-0028

Details are HERE:
2016-11-24 Presentation: The Adventures of Startup Up a Startup Venture

See you then!