A Single Powerful Tip to Become a Really Successful Business Networker

A Single Powerful Tip to Become a Really Successful Business Networker

If you want to be successful in your business or career, you'd need to know a lot of people. Having many connections empowers you to have friends and resources for your business development or the change in your career move. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business-minded professionals attend business networking events, presentations / seminars and corporate functions / parties to meet or get introduced to new people.

So, before you get to the event, you dress appropriately and bring lots of business cards. You might also ask your friends / colleagues to tag along with you to give you an extra boost to start your conversations with new people.

The fun begins when you get to the event. You can normally get yourself a drink to kick off your mood. You've prepared how to introduce yourself as you hand your business cards to new people. From this point, most people does the normal conversation like talking about his or her own business or what they like to do. Some people even begin selling their products like a sales pitch to new people.

The Secret:

Here's the tip: Always be interested in other parties. That's it.

How's how to do it:

Magic #1: Focus on the other person

Instead of focusing on yourself - what you need or want or trying to sell your own products - train your mind to put forth the interests of the other person first. Think about what the other person wants, and why he or she comes to the event.

To consider the interest of the other person, a good to start thinking is when you receive his/her business card or when he/she introduces himself/herself. At this moment, you should start to relate why he or she is at the event.

Magic #2: Ask questions geared towards the interest of the other party

As you get into the conversation with the other person, engage him or her by asking these magical questions: " What are you looking for?", " What can I do to help you in your business?", " What resources are you looking for?", " What is your purpose of coming here today/tonight?", " Any particular people or new business connection you'd like to meet?"

You'll then see that people not only become very open and clear of what they want, but they begin to see you as a helper and friendly person who can possibly help them. Some experienced networkers will ask you back what do YOU want. At this time, of course, you can tell what you're looking for and help you need.

Magic #3:

Of course, you can't possibly fulfill the needs and wants of all other parties. However, as you continue to network throughout the event / party, you'll discover that the next person could be a match for what the previous person is looking for. You become the samaritan to bring this new person to the previous person and introduce them together. Both parties will remember and thank you!

Personally, I've been to events where I introduced myself, and afterwards the same person come back looking for me bringing me more new people related to what I'm looking for.


Remember, people are always interested in what they want. By developing a mindset to be interested in others and giving first, you can become very popular among people. Always focus on others, instead of your own interests.

A Word of Caution

Be careful, though, there are times when you'll meet absolutely selfish people who will never be interested in what you want. In some worst cases, there will be people expecting or asking you to help them to do tasks or work for free. You'll need to be smart to sift through your new connections and mange your relationships with quality new friends.