Hello, World!

I'm Kevin and I'm glad to connect with you!

I'm a Global Nomad and Permanent Traveler (PT)

I've lived in Hong Kong (when it was still a British Colony), San Francisco / Silicon Valley, California, as well as Seattle, Washington. Tokyo, Japan had been my residence for the last 12 years (until the end of 2016).

I've now shifted my lifestyle to become a Global Nomad and Permanent Traveler (PT). I'm usually in Asia, hopping between Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Sometimes I do travel to other continents such as Australia, Europe and North America.

I'm a Entrepreneur & Businessman

It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as the founder of Starlent, a "HollyWood 2.0", talent management and advertising business, to challenge the status quo of the talent sourcing industry. Starlent sources talent primarily from Japan, Taiwan and Korea, with monetization operations primarily within Asia and also globally.

As a businessman, I believe "business" is defined as "creating values and bringing benefits to others while achieving mutual rewards from the relationship or the transaction", and a "businessman" is someone who always understands that and at all times considers the interests of others and its relevance to his own purpose when proposing or engaging in any negotiations.

I'm a Business Networker & People Connector

I'm a networker for business connections and people resources around Asia, primarily focusing on Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai. I also organize business networking events in these cities.


As an entrepreneur and founder of an astounding startup venture, I am constantly headhunting my team for my business operations.

I'm a Blogger, Writer and Speaker

I blog and write about business and technology articles. I also speak at events with topics centered on business, motivation, startup ventures, international business and Japan market entry.

I'm a Software Architect and Developer/Programmer

I'm a architect for advanced software architectures designing systems that are massively scalable using NoSQL and cloud architectures. I also program in JVM languages like Java and some Kotlin and Scala, Apple's Objective-C and Swift languages, Microsoft's C# language. I'm also a great fan of the Rust programming language.

I'm currently architecting and developing the platform for Starlent.

I'm a Creative & Web Designer / Director

I'm a creative designer and director for identity and design needs for my businesses.

I'm a Digital Marketer

I'm also executing and managing the online marketing - including SEO, social media strategy, etc. - aspects for my businesses.