Time and Energy

Time is the fuel and energy is the combustion to become rich. The Golden Hours is the most important time period for business opportunities. Optimize your energy to execute your plans for maximum effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Last Updated: Sunday, May 19, 2019
First published: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

In previous articles, I highlighted that employment deprives you of two most important resources — time and money — which you need to become rich.


This articles deals with time and how to manage this important resource for maximum productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

The Golden Hours

We are going to talk about time, and specifically the Golden Hours. Golden Hours means the period of time when business happens. In most cultures and countries, it starts in the morning (usually at 9 AM) and end till the late afternoon (usually around 6 PM), and it is every week from Mondays to Fridays. During this period, banks and offices are open, and therefore business happens. Employment means you give this period of time to your employer for an income ceiling and thus paralyzing you to become rich.


The Golden Hours is the most important period to interact with people for more financial opportunities. For all of us in the same society (ie. city / country) we have the same period of Golden Hours. And for all humans on earth, we all have the same 24 hours a day.

And, therefore, if all of us have exactly the same amount of time, the element which will make all the difference for the passing of time is energy. This energy refers to your personal energy applied to the spending of time. The factors contributing to good energy applied to the spending of time are your health status, motivation and the thinking, planning and execution of tasks. If you apply good energy to the spending of time, you are effective and productive.

We Need Energy to Work!

We need to be healthy. However, the topic of nutrition and dieting plans is well beyond the scope here.

The importance of the afternoon nap

We need to be on a high mental alert state when executing our tasks. This means we cannot be sleepy. And, in order to have this high mental alert state, we need to sleep two times every twenty-four hour cycle.

The main sleep period we need is during nighttime. And, make no mistake here, we need between 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night. Preferably, we should wake up naturally, not with a dreaded alarm clock.

Secondly, we need to take a short afternoon nap exactly between 6 to 8 hours from the time we wake up in the morning. That means, if you woke up at 8 AM for a particular day, you must take a nap anytime between 2 PM to 4 PM before continuing the rest of the day.

Afternoon sleepiness usually kicks in roughly about 1 hour after you have had your lunch. Do not fight this sleepiness. Find a place to close your eyes, stop thinking and just let yourself sleep. It is best if you can lie down flat or sitting on a sofa (or in your car), or otherwise just fold your arm and put your head down on your desk.

The ideal duration of this nap is between 5 to 20 minutes. (Do not sleep longer than 1/2 hour because it will cause more tiredness and even some negative emotions.)

Waking up from this nap and getting back into high mental alert state will take another 15 to 30 minutes. The reward is you become totally refreshed for the rest of the day with energy, focus and concentration to tackle your remaining tasks for optimized efficiency.

Keep a clear vision of your goals and be motivated

In order to have energy to do your tasks, you need to keep your purposes and goals in mind. There are tasks that are more urgent and other things to do which are more important. Consider the goal to be achieved and the reward when the individual tasks or the project is completed. Keep your goals clear and therefore maintain your motivation to maximize your energy levels to spend your time.

Think and Plan (and do this a lot) before Doing

It makes a world of difference, if you think and plan, before doing your task. Thinking and planning can occur any time. It does not mean you have to be with a computer or a pen and paper when thinking and planning. It can happen when you are having your meal, walking or taking a stroll in the park or even taking a shower. Once you have a clear picture of your goal and the tasks, you can enter it into Notes or using a pen and a piece of paper. Doing a task becomes execution of a plan, and the entire process and reward becomes more efficient, effective and productive.

The Golden Hours: Interacting with People

The Golden Hours is the most important time frame to execute your plans. It can be simply called working hours. During this time period, people agree to meet you in person, or via a teleconference. If you send an email during this time, people replies. Keep your energy to the most optimal levels to execute your tasks.

Say No To Employment

No one likes to go to work and we know what Monday blues mean. No one likes to set an alarm clock either. The routine of forcing yourselves to wake up before you have slept enough is just a form a contractual time slavery for someone else. Employment means that what most matters is the time you are committed to show up in the office, rather than the energy level you are at when you are there.

Further, people usually don't work effectively when they are in the office. A lot of time is spent wasted, just for the sake of being in the office. People spend time chatting with other colleagues, or join meetings that are very irrelevant to the work they are doing, or can be just doing minor things to pass time in the office. For most workers, the actual meaningful work performed is just a fraction of the total time spend in the office.

Finally, any books that teach you how to optimize your efficiency, reduce your work hours, or getting things done in a shorter amount of time are useless if you are employed. Employment means even if you finish your tasks faster and earlier, you still can't go home until the time to leave the office has come. If you still believe in employment, you should throw all those books away.

It is all about effectiveness and efficiency, there is no need to go to work for a fixed time period to be "locked up" in an office to work. Employment is contradictory to getting rich and is a curse to capitalism.

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