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The Market Potential & Scalability of a Business Plan

Understanding Marketing Potential (also called Market Size) and Scalability of a Business Plan

The "Problems & Solutions" of a Business Plan

Examining the Viability of the Problems & Solutions of Your Business Plan

Validating an Idea for a Startup Venture

Investors look at one most important factor to determine if a startup venture is worth investing: monetization. Monetization is also the most important determining factor for the valuation of your business.

A Single Powerful Tip to Become a Really Successful Business Networker

Successful people know a lot of people and are well-connected. A single, most powerful method will set you to become very popular and successful when attending networking events to build new business connections.

Presentation: The Adventures of Starting Up a Startup Venture

I'd be speaking at a presentation on the evening of Thursday, November 24th, 2016 on the topic "The Adventures of Starting Up a Startup Venture"

Opening a Personal Bank Account in Japan

It is only possible to open personal bank accounts in Japan if you are a resident. There are only two banks which offers Internet banking in English.

Japanese Corporate Bank Accounts

You'll need a Japanese corporate bank account after you've incorporated your company. There's one bank which is a winner when it comes to Internet banking fees, ease-of-use, domestic transfers fees and online international wire transfer services.

Some Basic Practical Things To Do Before Forming a Japanese Company

In this article, I explain the very basics which you need to decide before incorporating a Japanese company.

How to Incorporate a Company in Japan

This article provides some basic information and the general costs for incorporation a company in Japan.

How to make Twitter and Facebook correctly load your preview image

Here's a bit of a developer tip to instruct Twitter and Facebook how to correct to use your preferred image.

How to Start Your Own Personal Blog

A basic guide to getting your own domain name and choosing a tool to host your blog and write your articles.

Hello, World!

I'm Kevin and I'm glad to connect with you! I'm an entrepreneur based in Asia and currently founding a "HollyWood 2.0", talent management and advertising startup venture. I'm a professional business networker and people connector, and I'm always interested in people who dream big and dream right!